Co-Action Publishing joins Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group are delighted to welcome Co-Action Publishing to join their growing open access portfolio for 2017.


Authors and researchers can continue reading and submitting articles to Co-Action Publishing journals on Taylor & Francis Online.
If you need any assistance with your journal access our support desk is on hand to help. Contact us at [email protected].


From Seascapes of Extinction to Seascapes of Confidence
Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries in Chile: ElQuisco and Puerto Oscuro
Gloria L. Gallardo Fernandez

Drug-Acceptor Interactions
Modeling Theoretical Tools to Test and Evaluate Experimental Equilibrium Effects
Niels Bindslev

About Co-Action Publishing

Co-Action Publishing, founded in January 2007, is one of the first open access scholarly publishing houses in the world. Its portfolio contains peer-reviewed journals and books spanning a range of academic disciplines. Co-Action Publishing was one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). Caroline Sutton, co-founder of Co-Action Publishing, now the Head of Open Scholarship Development in Taylor & Francis Group, served as a President of the association from its inception in 2008 until March 2013.

Taylor & Francis Group are committed to offering information and support for all authors, editors, society members and other researchers who have worked with Co-Action Publishing. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].