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Oscar nominations 2019: Roma and The Favourite lead pack with 10 nods

The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, with super stars and superheroes leading the list of this year's nominees. Roma led the pack with 10 nominations, including four nods for director and writer Alfanso Cuaron, tying with The Favourite. Lady Gaga grabbed two nominations, and will take on six-time nominee Glenn Close as both women hope to walk home with their first Oscar when the winners are announced on February 24 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. The film also earned an acting nod for star Bradley Cooper, who was not nominated for Best Director.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Millennials like her believe 'the world is gonna end in 12 YEARS' if climate change is ignored, before chatting with Stephen Colbert about 'immoral' billionaires over ice cream 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was invited to a special panel (top) honoring Martin Luther King Jr at Riverside Church, in New York City, on Monday. Hours later, she ate ice cream with Stephen Colbert (pictured with her below) during an appearance on his CBS show. During an interview with journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates at Riverside Church in Manhattan on Monday, the New York Congresswoman said she and other millennials view climate change as ‘our World War Two.’ She also told Coates that it was ‘immoral’ how the American economic system ‘allows billionaires to exist. Ocasio-Cortez, 29, said: ‘I don’t think that necessarily means that all billionaires are immoral. ‘It is not to say that someone like Bill Gates, for example, or Warren Buffett are immoral people.‘I do not believe that... but I do think a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong. 

At least seven people have died as bitter cold and gusty winds swept across the eastern United States after heavy snow over the weekend. The cold snap is set to last for most of Tuesday.

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Donald Trump Jr told Lauren Ingraham that the media 'have done more to hurt the credibility of this country's institutions as a democracy than anything in history', as he spoke about Buzzfeed's report.

Trump told Nancy Pelosi via Twitter to 'clean up' the streets of San Francisco, which have become known for being covered with feces and needles. They city's mayor London Breed has hit back.

Trump began the 32nd day of an extended-play government shutdown by insisting Republicans shouldn't buckle and send 780,000 employees back to work without funding the border wall he wants.

Rudy Giuliani on Monday walked back comments he made about discussions Donald Trump had with his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, about a real estate project in Moscow in 2016.

Trump says Catholic students who taunted a Native American were 'smeared' after new footage reveals prior clash at Lincoln Memorial, as Don Jr. says the media 'wanted them to be the enemy'

President Trump has backed the Kentucky high school students who were filmed taunting a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial as new footage emerged revealing a tetchy clash with Hebrew Israelites beforehand. Nick Sandmann, a Covington Catholic High School student, was filmed wearing a MAGA hat while staring down 64-year-old Nathan Phillips during an altercation at the memorial in Washington D.C. on Friday.  The short video that went viral over the weekend showed Sandmann appearing to smirk while a crowd of other teens laughed derisively behind him as the Native American man played a traditional chant on a drum. A longer video has since emerged showing the teens in a standoff against members of a group, calling itself the Black Hebrew Israelites, in the lead up to the altercation with the Native American. Trump himself weighed in with a tweet on Monday night as some reports questioned whether the early criticism of the students was warranted. The President's son, Don Jr., also weighed in claiming that the media targeted Sandmann and his classmates because they were white and wearing MAGA hats.

Covington Catholic High School has shuttered its website, Facebook page and disconnected its phone since a video of its students at the memorial went viral over the weekend.

Catholic high school boys heckled a woman BEFORE confrontation with Native American protesters and shouted 'make America great again' and 'build the wall', according to victim who filmed the incident

Twitter user 'Linds' uploaded footage that shows a group of school-aged boys wearing red caps (left) shouting at her and her friend (inset) near the Lincoln Memorial on Friday last week. Linds said they were Covington Catholic High School students, and that they yelled 'MAGA' and 'build the wall' at her out of nowhere. She also claims this altercation happened before the group were filmed facing off with Native American activist Nathan Philips (right), contradicting claims by student Nick Sandmann that the boys were minding their own business before being provoked into a confrontation.

The son of ex-music mogul and convicted felon Suge Knight has claimed yet again that Tupac Shakur is alive, adding this time that he's working on new music with him in the studio.

Canada's ambassador to the US, David MacNaughton, told the Globe and Mail that the US has told Canada it will request Meng's extradition, but he did not say when the request will be made.

Quiz creator Michael Rogers says no one can score full marks on the tricky science test, with questions covering everything from chemistry, geography to human anatomy.

Chris Brown rape arrest in Paris: R&B star is held by French police

A 24-year-old woman is said to have accused Brown (pictured right in Paris during the city's fashion week) of raping her on the evening of January 15 at a hotel in the French capital. Two police officials said Brown and two other people are in custody in Paris today after a woman filed a rape complaint. One of the others detained is said to be Brown's bodyguard, according to one of the police officials. It was reported that the woman had accused Brown of raping her at the Mandarin Oriental hotel (inset). Pictured left: Brown with his girlfriend Ammika Harris at Parisian nightclub Cirque Bonheur on Saturday night.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier has been in a car accident with his family in Montana, Stephen Colbert said on Monday. Baier was supposed to be a guest on the Late Show on Tuesday.

Self-help manual, Ten to Zen, by Owen O'Kane from Belfast which claims to help you de-stress in just TEN minutes has celebrity fans - including Ferne Cotton, Eamonn Holmes and Joe Wicks.

Kate the crusader! Duchess wows in a $709 green belted dress by ethical fashion label Beulah that supports abused women as she visits a family charity in London

Kate, 37, who is performing her third engagement in the space of a week, has arrived at Family Action’s Forest Hill base, near Lewisham which provides a range of valuable community support for children and families in the area. She made a political statement with her fashion choice today, opting for a pine green belted dress by luxury London brand Beulah. Run by family friend Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, the daughter of daughter of the Marquess of Reading, and Lavinia Brennan, the ethical fashion label, the duo are offering a new way of life for the victims of sex trafficking in India.

Emiliano Sala feared dead as plane goes missing over Channel Islands

Premier League footballer Emiliano Sala (left and right, with Bluebirds CEO Ken Choo) posted a poignant photo on Instagram saying his 'last goodbye' to his former teammates (inset) just hours before his plane vanished over the English Channel. Cardiff City announced the signing of the Argentinian striker from Nantes in a club record fee of $19million on Saturday before Sala returned to France to bid farewell to his old squad. When he left the grounds yesterday to head to Cardiff, Nantes FC tweeted: 'Merci Emi, forever yellow and green.' Cardiff chairman Mehmet Dalman this morning said he was 'very concerned' for the Argentine striker, who was due to report for training in Wales this morning. French police, the French civil aviation authority and Nantes Football Club today confirmed that Sala was one of the two people on board the Piper Malibu which lost contact near the Casquets lighthouse off Alderney (inset right). Sala's family remain in Argentina and his father Horacio said he was 'desperate' for news about his missing son. The truck driver broke down in tears as he described his son as a 'small town humble boy', adding: 'I just can't believe it.' 

More and more of us struggle to get a good nights' sleep. Almost a third of us, according to The Sleep Council, are not feeling well rested. However, help is here from hi-tech bedroom gadgets.

Jennifer Mancuso, 38, from Ohio, faced criticism for tandem breastfeeding her twin daughters in a public space because some of the children at the nursery were of 'school age'.

Kimberly Guilfoyle wraps up warm in a $1,300 parka as she arrives home in New York

Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend wore her favorite $1,300 fur-lined Nicole Benisti parka as she spoke with a doorman outside her apartment building while arriving home in the cold on Monday. It is thought she spent the weekend in New York after being spotted heading to a salon in the city on Friday, when she wore the same coat. It comes after Guilfoyle and Trump Jr traveled to Texas together to attend Weatherby Foundation International Hunting and Conservation Award Dinner, where keen hunter Don Jr presented an award.

Barack Obama's former Vice President spoke at a breakfast to honor MLK in Washington on Monday, as other Democrat Presidential hopefuls slammed President Donald Trump.

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, is exploring running for president as an independent candidate. A person close to Schultz said they 'are exploring a possible independent bid.'

The Transportation Security Administration has dispatched extra screeners to airports in Atlanta, LaGuardia Airport in New York, and Newark, New Jersey.

Lawyer of former US Marine claims he admits he was handed secret information on thumb

The lawyer of a former US Marine accused of spying by the Kremlin says a USB stick in his possession contained state secrets, despite Paul Whelan denying guilt today in a 15 minute speech at the preliminary hearing in Moscow (pictured). Whelan was arrested in at Moscow’s plush Metropol last month and has been caged at the infamous former KGB Lefortovo jail. Russian and human rights experts say that Whelan's lawyer, Vladimir Zherebenkov, was likely appointed by the FSB who arrested him. Zherebenkov, a former Soviet investigator, previously revealed he had never defended someone charged with espionage. He also said it was his aim to bring home 'at least one Russian soul,’ fuelling speculation the Kremlin are lining up a swap deal with Washington.

Corey Borg-Massanari, 22, has died in hospital from injuries sustained in a rare avalanche last week at Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, after a 26-year-old also died shortly after the avalanche.

Homeward bound: Incredible moment missing Labrador finds his way back to his panicked owners... with two new friends in tow (another dog and a GOAT) 

When Kyle Krier's wife let out their black Labrador out in a Kansas field, the dog disappeared. Kyle went all over searching for 'Bo.' Eventually he received a phone call telling him that he had been spotted out and about. But when he found him, Bo wasn't alone. The pet had made friends with another Labrador as well as a goat. The trio all climbed into Kyles car who was only too happy to take the three of them back to his home.

Fyre Festival: Ja Rule APOLOGISES to caterer Maryann Rolle

Ja Rule finally issued an apology to Maryann for his part in the Fyre Festival debacle, but his words fell on deaf ears since the caterer is demanding the hip-hop star pay her $100,000 in compensation. The Bahamaian restaurant owner, who runs the Exuma Point Bar and Grille, has finally been given justice since a crowdfunding campaign has now raised over $158,000 (£122,000) for her

Police are hunting brazen thieves who stole $1,000 from Girl Scouts selling cookies in a New Jersey mall last Friday. A suspect swiped an envelope moments before it was to be taken to the bank.

Patrick Whitesell looks downbeat at basketball after wife Lauren Sanchez had affair with

Patrick Whitesell (left) was seen courtside at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday night as he tried to blow off steam after his estranged wife's affair with billionaire Jeff Bezos was revealed. Whitesell, one of Hollywood's hottest agents, sat alongside Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman, actor Mahershala Ali and his wife wife Amatus-Sami Karim (top right) as they saw the Golden State Warriors defeat the Lakers. But Whitesell appeared to have other things on his mind after estranged wife Lauren Sanchez was revealed to have had a years-long affair with Jeff Bezos (together bottom right).

Scientists have developed a periodic table to highlight the scarcity of the 90 natural elements, with 30 used in mobile phones. Last week scientists found the oldest surviving periodic table in Scotland.

Scientists at the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, have discovered capillaries - called trans-cortical vessels - that penetrate the hard shell of bones in mice, providing most of their blood supply.

'The Pretty Women of Paris': Wealthy prostitutes pose in notorious 19th Century guide

Photos show prostitutes who featured in 'The Pretty Women of Paris' - the nineteenth century directory for the French capital's best courtesans and brothels. Published in 1883 and limited to 169 copies, the notorious guide listed the names of the city's most famous scarlet women. The handbook - aimed at visiting Englishmen - described the sexual specialities and background of every prostitute. Pictured in the collection is famed Parisian prostitute, Jeanne Granier (left) whose besotted lovers are said to have included Queen Victoria's eldest son and future king of England, Edward VII. The collection also includes celebrated courtesan, Gabrielle Elluini (centre), described as 'the richest moll in the world' with an amassed fortune of 'one hundred thousand pounds sterling' - equivalent to £11million in today's money.

British stylist Mark Heyes appeared on This Morning's Lorraine on Tuesday to demonstrate Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo's clever folding hack, entitled the 'vertical fold'.

ALISON BOSHOFF reveals how the perils of parenthood are still keeping Lionel Richie up

ALISON BOSHOFF: Never sulky, never cool and never entirely in fashion, Lionel's reward has been that he has never gone out of fashion, either. By way of contrast, meet his three children: Nicole (left), 37, Miles (centre), 24, and Sofia (right), 20. Raised in incredible privilege, unlike their uncool father. Miles (centre with father Lionel Richie), known latterly as Milo, was cautioned by police after telling airport security staff he had a bomb in his bag that he would detonate on a plane. The incident unfolded at Terminal Five of Heathrow Airport on Saturday morning after Miles, who had been in Paris for a fashion assignment and was believed to be en route back to the U.S., was prevented from boarding a flight.

A Texas homeowner, 20, fatally shot three men and wounded two others, all of whom are suspects in an alleged home invasion against the shooter which took place in Houston on Saturday, authorities said.

Sophie Alpert, who ran a major project called React, publicly announced via Twitter on January 11 that she was leaving Facebook to join a start up.

Aspiring model, 24, who gained five stones slams her fiance for dumping her by TEXT

Emily Nicholson, 24, from the UK (pictured left before her diagnosis) began making plans for a bucket list wedding with her fiance Jamie Smith (pictured together right), 24, from New Zealand after she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She says her fiance ended their engagement a week before they were due to share vows. Emily (pictured inset with her mother), who has defied the life expectancy estimated by doctors, told how she and Jamie had also made plans to have children together if she recovered.

The 24-year-old woman from the Chinese mainland was struck by a window while walking through Hong Kong's busy Tsim Sha Tsu, and was rushed to hospital where she later passed away.

The girl's father, named as Mr Kuang, said he rushed the three-year-old to Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital in south-western Taiwan as soon as he realised what had happened.

Virginia woman scammed dozens into giving up their savings so she could stay at the Ritz

Keisha Williams, 43, of Virginia has been sentenced to 15.5 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to scamming dozens of people out of their life savings so she could travel the world in the lap of luxury on their dime. She used a health care software scheme to steal $5.4 million from more than 50 people in order to live high on the hog in the Caribbean, French Polynesia and throughout Europe Williams, from Ashburn, pleaded guilty to 14 fraud-related charges in the fall, just days into a trial where 20 people had already testified against her. Williams is shown at left in Disney World and at right in Europe. Her home in Ashburn is shown, inset.

'This case is far from over': Why Texas cops are unconvinced Texas mom killed herself

Nichol Olsen, 37, (left) was found dead along with her daughters London, 10, (right) and Alexa, 16, (center) at her boyfriend Charles Wheeler's home on January 10. All three had suffered gunshot wounds to their upper bodies and a gun was recovered from the scene but no other information about their injuries or where the gun was has been released. The Bexar County Medical Examiner, based on the scene found, ruled shortly afterwards that Nichol committed suicide and that the girls had been murdered.

The second black box (pictured), recovered from the Java Sea in Indonesia on January 14, could provide a detailed account of the pilots' last actions before the crash which killed 189 people.

Super Bowl will have first ever male cheerleaders

Super Bowl LIII will be an historic occasion next month with two male cheerleaders set to appear at the Atlanta showpiece for the first time. Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will make headlines on February 3, leading the cheers for the LA Rams against the New England Patriots. They will be the first ever male cheerleaders to grace the biggest stage in global sport, having this year debuted as the first in NFL. 

Portuguese scientists analysed the lifestyles and habits of 120 girls aged between four and six by quizzing their parents. The results were published in the journal Science & Sports.

How to eat healthy AND cheap: Dietitians reveal their favorite Trader Joe’s products

Trader Joe's is a mecca of fresh, cheap produce and tempting treats alike. Dietitians Abbey Sharpe and Susan Bowerman told Daily Mail Online their secret pre-packaged TJ cheats, including (clockwise from top left) healthy cauliflower gnocchi, a seven-nut butter, pre-chopped savory vegetables and spiraled carrots and zucchini to swap out for pastas.

Industry leader 7-Eleven and its rival Lawson are planning to ditch sales of 'adult' magazines ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympic Games which will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

The consumption of this high-fat and low-fibre diet affected the gut bacteria in mice, making them more susceptible to listeriosis - caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, Irish researchers found.

Elle Macpherson reveals why eating a late breakfast is the secret to her youthful look

She's the Australian supermodel who has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a record five times. And speaking recently, Elle Macpherson (left, right and inset) revealed the secret to her youthful look comes down to the time she eats breakfast. The 54-year-old said she has breakfast later in the day, particularly if she eats dinner later in the evening. This intermittent fasting allows her body and digestion to get a bit of a 'rest'- an approach with scientifically promising benefits that include more balanced blood sugar, lower inflammation, and increased energy.

Zuo Ye, the model who was filmed struggling to eat a pizza, pasta and a cannoli with a pair of chopsticks in the videos, said she had questioned the director during 'the silly and embarrassing act'.

Chinese scientist He Jiankui shocked the scientific community after revealing that he had successfully altered the DNA of twin girls born in November to prevent them from contracting HIV

The second woman carrying a gene-edited foetus in China is now 12 to 14 weeks into her pregnancy, according to a US physician in close contact with Chinese scientist He Jiankui.


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Colorized images of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy released ahead of new Steve Coogan film

These incredible colorized images show the svelte Laurel and plump Hardy smirking as they look side on at the camera (bottom left), speaking with each other and posing with props while dressed as prisoners (top left). Other striking shots show Laurel pulling a funny face for the photographer, Hardy smiling as he puts on a tie and Hardy staring in bemusement as Laurel gives him a thumbs up (top right). The original black and white photographs were painstakingly colorized by housewife Nicola Branson from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

The shrimp-like creatures are migrating north as the warming conditions of climate change intensify, according to new research. Krill form the majority of the diets of whales, penguins and fish.

Nerve-racking moment snowboarder falls after a jump and triggers an avalanche which carries him down the mountainside 

Snowpark owners Felix Ehmann and Mario Grinschgl were snowboarding off-piste in Austria when they shot the astonishing clip on their GoPro. They race down the mountainside on the thick snow and perform some of their most impressive tricks. One of the snowboarders,  Mr Grinschgl, attempts a spin and twists his whole body round in mid air. But he falls as he lands, triggering the snow around him to suddenly move. He is swept away in an avalanche which carries him down the mountain and out of sight between trees

Shocking images of an emaciated dolphin with plastic wrapped around its beak have emerged. The marine creature washed up on the shore on Jersey in the Channel islands.

White driver hurls racist insults at young black cyclists and threatens them with a GUN during ‘wheels up guns down’ MLK Day protest, after a woman claimed one ran over her foot

Video of a confrontation between a group of teenagers on bikes, a woman and a man with a gun at an unsanctioned anti-gun violence protest in Miami, Florida, was posted on social media. Footage showed a woman screaming at a group of youngsters on bikes that one 'ran over her foot' (right). A man (pictured left) then emerged from a car brandishing a gun (circled) and waved it at the group of youngsters on bicycles. The man got out of a nearby car waving the gun and walked over to the group to call them, 'dumb-ass f******'n*****s'. Miami Police Department said 51-year-old Mark Allen Bartlett was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

Rogerio Figueiredo, the new head of Rio de Janeiro's state police, said in an interview that cameras deployed with the technology will scan both faces and car license plates.

Speaking at the former royal palace of Versailles, Macron (pictured last night) said Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette had met their end 'because they had given up on reforming'.

Polyamorous triad defend their 'commitment' and say they want children

Paoulo Quispilaya, 28, and his wife Kassandra Diaz-Cervo, 27, invited Carly Martinez, 26, to join their relationship last year. Since February 2018, the trio, who are all from Los Angeles, California, have been living under the same roof and sharing a bed. It was Kassandra (pictured right in the center and left images, and center in the right image) and Carly (pictured left in all images) who first formed an attraction, despite the fact that neither of them had been with another woman before. BUt Paoulo and Kassandra only asked Carly to move in with them after Paoulo and Carly also began forming an attraction.

The annual Hoscars rate budget properties around the world, judging them on value for money, location, atmosphere, facilities, security, character and cleanliness.

Douglas Lee, from Hillsborough, Florida, developed a C difficile infection - caused by antibiotics killing both good and bad bacteria - after he got his wisdom teeth removed.

Personal trainer to the stars David Higgins reveals the 3-week body reset that works for

EXCLUSIVE: London-based personal trainer David Higgins (left), whose client list includes Margot Robbie, Claudia Schiffer and Colin Firth, explains that by exercising for 21 minutes a day for 21 days anyone can 'reboot their system'. He outlines the programme in full in his new book, The Hollywood Body Plan (inset). Pictured right, an example of one of the exercises from the book.

The European Space Agency revealed it has signed up rocket maker ArianeGroup to develop plans for a moon base that could be used to mine material from the lunar surface.

Big rat and fries! Rodent drags massive bag of takeout food along a subway platform in New York

The clip, recorded by a shocked commuter, captures a monstrous rat as it grasps a yellow plastic bag between its teeth and begins dragging it backwards. It then scurries towards the platform edge with the food in tow before stopping for a moment to sniff at its haul. It was estimated in 2014 that around two million rats live in the city - equivalent to a quarter of the human population at the time.

Woof, woof, who's there? Dog looks like a novelty door knocker after it sticks its head through hole in a fence to bark at passersby

The clip, filmed near Tampere, Finland, captures the brown dog as it sticks its head through a gap in a four-foot white fence. It then begins to bark wildly at student Georgia Simpson as she films the scene - giving the pup the appearance of an animated door knocker.

British parenting website Channel Mum has revealed the funniest phrases used by parents to make light of the trials of parenthood, including 'poonami', 'beige rainbow' and 'fridge tapas'.

Natalie Palmer, 23, from Caerphilly, South Wales, has written a hilarious dating pitch featuring a brutally honest list of pros and cons. She's hoping her innovative approach will get men swiping right.

'One wanted to play while the other was asleep': Conjoined twins who fought over when playtime should be and shared a stomach, bladder and pelvis are now the best of friends after life-changing separation

Twin brothers Prince and Love, now 22 months, were separated by surgeons at Wadia Children's Hospital in Mumbai on December 12 2017 at just nine months old. The 12-hour operation involved 15 doctors who worked tirelessly to separate the young brothers (pictured right pre-surgery). With the procedure a success, the boys (pictured left after) can now run and play like any other youngster, with their parents Sheetal and Sagar Zalte (pictured inset with the twins) looking forward to their sons' bright future.

Parents Jose Rosello and Vicky Garcia, 29, are receiving psychological and medical support at their house in Totalan, Malaga. Rescuers hope to reach the trapped toddler, Julen Rosello, today.

Employees are being fitted with 'robotic tech vests' that notify the machines of their whereabouts so that any potential accidents are avoided. They're worn like a pair of suspenders attached to a belt.

Boy, 4, sees his mother 'being brutally stabbed by his stepdad' and phones his grandmother

Olesya Lisina (pictured right), 29, was allegedly stabbed with a kitchen knife by Eldar Movsumov (inset), 35, at her flat in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. Her son, four, called his grandmother to ask for help. Young Denis Lisin (pictured left with his mother) told his grandmother Nadezhda Shelepova, 48, that the couple had had a furious argument during the night and he had been unable to sleep. After the phone call, Mrs Shelepova alerted the police who quickly detained Movsumov. The suspect has been interrogated and faces a murder charge, according to law enforcement sources.

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The world's wackiest plane liveries 

When rows and rows of planes are lined up at an airport, they tend to look a bit samey. Airlines know this - so now and again they'll give one of their aircraft a wacky paint job to help it stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it's for an advert, sometimes it's to highlight a good cause - and sometimes it's just for fun. Previously, Air France allowed one of its Concordes to be decked out in a special Pepsi livery, while the now-defunct Western Pacific Airlines chose cartoon stars The Simpsons to adorn the side of one of its aircraft.

Incredible moment 'supercooled' bottles of water that DIDN’T freeze in 14F Alaskan winter turn instantly to ICE when they’re banged on a table thanks to a quirk of thermodynamics

Roderick Koop, from Anchor Point, Alaska, filmed the moment after he found the bottles in his loft had not frozen, despite temperatures plunging to lows of 14°F (-10°C) last week. The water had become 'supercooled' below its freezing point of 0°C (left) and when Mr Koop banged the bottle against his desk he recorded the stunning moment the entire liquid froze instantaneously (right). Supercooling is a phenomena that exploits a flaw with the process of state transformations.


Showbiz extra

Skating for couch potatoes! Joker rides across the ice on a three-seater sofa pulled by a tractor 

The clip, filmed in Minnesota, US, captures a man, John, as he rests on a sofa on the frozen Lake Minnetonka. Another joker sits on a tractor ahead of him and pulls him along the smooth ice by thick straps as he drives. John's friends, who were taking part in an expedition to skate from Excelsior Bay to Wayzata Bay, follow behind in a golf cart as the tractor pulls the sofa past baffled hockey players.

The two-headed creature was handed over to the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales' Central Coast. The reptile's deformity was caused by an incomplete embryo splitting inside the egg.

Rescue staff, who are now caring for Bear at a centre in Shropshire, believe he woke up early from hibernation with an ear mite infection, causing his spines to fall out due to stress.

Just hangin' out: Street performer plays the flute suspended UPSIDE DOWN from a tree in New York

The acrobatic musician was spotted on the side on a busy road by a passerby in Brooklyn, New York. He is suspended by rope and performs a crazy tune as cars drive past. Despite being suspended in mid-air, the musician pulls off a spectacular performance.