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Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

The word Proverb says do not know it is not dear, therefore please allow me to introduce myself to readers loyal LTC Localtechno.

My name is Arif Hidayatullah, I was just a simple article writers blogs and websites about many things. Thank God the blessings of Alloh SWT I was born in Probolinggo, East Java Regency Lumbang and can share useful science through the medium of blogs and websites today.

But I'm only 3 years there and moved to the Bangil at age 4 years, lots of wonderful memories in the place of birth, clear water, air and green leaves that are still very cool delights seen eyes let alone in my heart and mind.

Localtechno.blogspot.com and wartabangil.com in the blog I manage this when there is a sentence or utterance as well as images that are not pleasing in your heart, I am sory that expresses, I was merely a mortal filled with sin, wrong and forgot.

For LTC Localtechno companions in useful science felt from my blog, then thank the one on God Almighty, Alloh SWT (in islam) because of the blessings and protection Alloh SWT, I could do it all, but if you are a non muslim then simply give a smile. :)

Because I am a muslim, so somehow I testify that there is no God but ALMIGHTY Allah and Muhammad SAW as the Messenger or Apostle Alloh SWT.

Maybe it was a Okey wrote that I can convey to you all, if there are still questions about me please like & share this blog and fans page LTC Localtechno he he he.

Well buddy, this is in the area I live now :

Just entertainment for you all, watch the video of the ants who are fighting on the patio of my house ... ha ha ha (idle): v:

I think enough... pretty tired also writes introductions he he he, yeah hopefully useful ...

Localtechno regards ^_^

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