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Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to remote android phone read all sms and gps location

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for parents it's so useful to be able to control the child in puberty to avoid what is not wanted.
with technological sophistication and GPS location tracker sms from android we can read SMS, look MMS, voice telephone, and GPS location of where our children are.
you just need to install an application that has been provided by the android market and you can see all the information that you want right from your mobile phone that has the application sms tracker 

After installation you can remotely view the logged information at : http://smstracker.com/

below is a screenshot of how to install the mobile remote application :

very simple and easy you can al
so try this application on your mobile phone boyfriend.

you can also see a video about the app below :

okey thanks for coming and i hope you use this aplication correctly  : )



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