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COTM Contest January 2019


Follow these parameters inventively and cleverly, and you just might win!

Let's get started here with your 'assignment' and waste no time, for this month your challenge is to create an ARTISTIC PINUP, where more is implied than seen. However, HE OR SHE does have some RULES, which are listed below.

The pinup is kind of shy, teasing or coquettish. The lighting is like candle-light indoors; or moonlight or twilight, if outdoors. Must be wearing at the least: a thong, loin-cloth, pantie or a short skirt. NO FRONTAL NUDITY for either gender. No nipples showing for girls (you know the rules).

You may enter up to 3 images that are preferably new. You may enter previous works if they are reworked. Contest ends Midnight (EST) on Thursday, January 31st, 2019.


"COTM Winner": December 2018
"Christmas Caroling"

Singing in the snow by Heitaikai

Singing in the snow

January Contest 2019

Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Dragons be Here ~

Welcome to a new year and a new beginning, yes a brand new contest to start off the year.

This month the focus is going to be on "Dragons be Here" and that entails a lot of places as one can find them everywhere if you know how to look with an open heart and eyes.

To make it interesting though we had a second theme that missed by one vote of creating a tie "Magical Book". Here is the deal if you want to combine both you are allowed, since they both have a magical component it would be easy to combine them.

It is not required though, this is only if you want to do so ... the main focus must be on the Dragon in your picture.

You are allowed three entries only, must be original and not entered anywhere else and you have until midnight January 31st Eastern

Have fun and enter often.


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Starving Artist Of The Week (SAOTW) Contest
The prize: $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D
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Treasure Of The Week (TOTW) Contest
The prize: $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D
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Toon It Weekly Contest
You may choose one: $15.00 prize from DAZ3D or (2) items from our Sponsors Showcase.
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Our Main Monthly Contests There are 6 place prizes from Grand Prize to 5th Prize!

You could win your own copy of Poser, and other cool software. Non-member judges and no admins of the Attic decide who wins. No one plays favorites, here.

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"Challenge Of The Month" Contest (COTM)
The prize: $25.00 Gift Certificate from Renderosity
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