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August Birthday wishes to...


"COTM Winner": July 2018
"Muses Choice"

The market Place © Jherrith

The market Place

COTM Contest August 2018

"Daily Deities" "

Summer: the time of hot days. Time to sit beneath an umbrella with a cool drink to read the daily gossips, adventures, scandals, feature stories and romances of the gods!

So many possibilities gathered together in one publication: "The Daily Deities"! Now, you too can be a reporter, writer, photographer and editor of this endlessly fascinating publication. What will your story be?

Your challenge this month is to present us an article or the main title of the newspaper with a picture to illustrate it.

All gods and goddesses, all countries can be presented.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.

Each participant may enter up to 3 times.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are by HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run from August 1st to Friday August 31st until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.


AUGUST 2018 Contest

Eleasis ~ High Sun ~ Sci-Fi Warrior's through Time & Space ... ~ August Contest 2018

Welcome to a brand new month and contest.

Tis war, across all times and species that exist. Specifically all versions of warriors that exist within the Sci-Fi realms of imagination.

The nice thing about the word "warrior" is that it can mean any class or sub-class of fighters. Male, female, or who knows what...

So a battle knight from the 32nd century with ray guns and atomic weaponry, go for it.

A space traveling pirate searching for the lengendary space ship filled with treasure from hundreds of succesful campaigns waged in the distant past. Go for it.

Any race, any gender any species ... go for it.

Standard rules apply, three entries per person. This contest shall end on August 31st at Midnight EDT. Must be original and not entered in a contest anywhere else.

The Album is found here

More Talent In Our Gallery!

What Do You See by myquad

What Do You See

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Underwater by Eblank


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Gruggles Adventures by Aelin

Gruggles Adventures

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Little Geisha by AA3Dstudio

Little Geisha

What's New at Our Market.

The Hideout [Exclusive]

The Hideout [Exclusive]

Hideout environment to dock your ships
or store the treasures you plundered

Seraph Wings

Seraph Wings

Beautiful set of wings for
absolute heavenly or hellish renders

Gothic Unity V4A4

Gothic Unity V4A4

This super conforming
gothic outfit for Vicky 4 and Aiko 4
consists of a dress, choker and sleeves.

Crystal Shades for Seraph Wings

Crystal Shades for Seraph Wings

14 additional shades for the Seraph Wings

Danny for G8M/M8

Danny for G8M/M8

Fully loaded package for G8M/M8

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FRM Designers

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Our Various Contests/ Challenges

Starving Artist Of The Week (SAOTW) Contest
The prize: $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D
Read more HERE.

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Treasure Of The Week (TOTW) Contest
The prize: $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D
Read More HERE.

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Your Art Weekly Contest (YA)
You may choose one: $15.00 prize from DAZ3D or (2) items from our Sponsors Showcase.
Read more @ YA Weekly

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Our Main Monthly Contests There are 6 place prizes from Grand Prize to 5th Prize!

You could win your own copy of Poser, and other cool software. Non-member judges and no admins of the Attic decide who wins. No one plays favorites, here.

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"Challenge Of The Month" Contest (COTM)
The prize: $15.00 Gift Certificate from Renderosity
Read More: HERE

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