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  • To Johor Malays

    To Johor Malays

    00What happened to Lim Kit Siang at Bakar Batu, where he and Pakatan Harapan supporters had to abandon their ceramah after the “locals” ejected them,…

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  • An agenda for the Royals

    An agenda for the Royals

    00It’s election time and strange things are happening. Last week there was nothing more shocking than the Sultan of Kelantan’s withdrawal of the Darjah Kerabat…

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  • Our biggest challenge

    Our biggest challenge

    00Malaysia now faces its biggest challenge — this was the crux of my speech during the launch of my latest book, a collection of articles…

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  • PKR the prima donna

    PKR the prima donna

    00I spent a few days in Johor Bharu talking to people I know and old classmates, shop owners, Grab drivers and the mak cik in…

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